All the Java’s Men

Java has many frameworks for any of his Platforms.In this following List i collect most important Java Frameworks with short description for any one.

1 – Hibernate

best Framework for working with database [Relational Database] in both

JSE  & JEE platforms.

2 – Spring

Looking for cool framework for building Java Enterprise Application base on

MVC pattern [and many more…].yeah ! Spring is Right choose.

3 – ICEfaces

Ajax ! Ajax ! Ajax and more powerful UI for web application , all of these greate

Tools found in ICEfaces.

4 – RichFaces

Another Great Framework for Java EE UI.Run and Dive it…

5 – GWT [Google Web Toolkit]

do you hear about Google wave ? do you see wave’s UI ?’s base on GWT.

you can use GWT in Java EE application.

6 – Jakarta Struts

Popular Framework for building Java Web Application base on MVC pattern.

7 – Seam

Seam is a powerful open source development platform for building rich Internet applications in Java. Seam integrates technologies such as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), JavaServer Faces (JSF), Java Persistence (JPA), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB 3.0) and Business Process Management (BPM) into a unified full-stack solution.

8 – Apache Tapestry

Apache Tapestry is an open-source framework for creating dynamic, robust, highly scalable web applications in Java. Tapestry complements and builds upon the standard Java Servlet API, and so it works in any servlet container or application server.

9 – Apache Wicket

With proper mark-up/logic separation, a POJO data model, and a refreshing lack of XML, Apache Wicket makes developing web-apps simple and enjoyable again. Swap the boilerplate, complex debugging and brittle code for powerful, reusable components written with plain Java and HTML.

10 – Apache MyFaces

Apache MyFaces is a project of the Apache Software Foundation, and hosts several sub-projects relating to the JavaServer(tm) technology. If you want to know more about how JavaServer(tm) Faces works, take a look at the MyFaces introduction to JSF

11- Spring Roo

Spring Roo is a lightweight developer tool that makes it fast and easy to deliver instant results. Best of all, you code 100% in Java and get to reuse all your existing Java knowledge, skills and experience. You’ll like it – and have plenty of fun too!

12 – jspx – bay

jspx-bay, commonly referred to as jspx, is a free open source pure java web RADJspx is built over Java EE servlets and extending its nature to provide OOP model for HTML Declarative Code.

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